Artist Statement

Pierre Riche

The ancient alchemists sought to change base metals into gold; to elevate the rude to the sublime. In the process of creating my sculptures, I transform the discarded and stock metals of our industrial world into figurative works of art powerfully vital with the human spirit.

This transformation gets relayed through the techniques and processes used. Extensive hands on metalworking skills are utilized such as cutting, heating, forging, welding, grinding and polishing. The knowledge and understanding of this complex working of metals and how to manipulate them is what imbues a work of art with meaning and dynamic energy.

Woven Reflections

The human form as sculpture has been central to art since primitive times. Master artists have been struggling to perfect the grace, elegance and complexity of our anatomical chassis for thousands of years. I chose this subject matter not only because it is a motif we can all relate to but because it represents the journey of the self.