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lamp faces and masks

Friday, January 18th, 2008

These are some faces or masks in metal that are lamps.

some are copper welded with tig and or brazed copper. Brass or silver solder.

others are steel and copper.

Most are hinged to access the light.

They are very dreamlike when they are lighting a dark space and casting shadows on the ceiling and walls.

metal masks

Thursday, December 27th, 2007

Making metal masks is a specialty of mine. i’v been creating them for almost 10 years. The smallest is wearable and the largest is over 9′ tall. 3 people can dance in its chin. I have created multi-discipline performance events with the larger that show at festivals. Keep posted for videos of past shows to appear.

The one shown here was my first large one. It has steps up to a door in the back that opens into a gazebo in the head. The eyelids were made from a wok and are hinged to be adjusted.

Some are open structure like Ideas Fascade. This one is one of the few that i had painted.

Woven reflections is my favorite and most well executed to date. It is of woven stainless steel.

This sculpture was conceptually two years in the making.

decided to create an armature so that i could layer the metal on it and create duplicates.

The finished piece was to serve as a mega mask theatre. Dancers could dance on a platform in the chin. Video docmentary on these performances is to come.

Here is A new one i’m working on for 2009 summer shows.


It is now 2014 and this piece is the finished version of the above photo in the build stage. A white baked powder coat glossy paint job was given to it for the best video image support. I call this sculpture “Metaface”. It was sculpted from a clay reference depicting the face of Gaia. A full description of the “Metaface Project” will be added to this blog shortly.