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Pierre Riche Art short bio 2014

Tuesday, February 25th, 2014

Pierre Riche Art Bio 2014

Pierre Riche is a visionary artist with renaissance tendencies. His artistic mediums range from drawing and painting to welded metal sculpture to large scale multidisciplinary public art forms that travel to festivals and events. His art has been exhibited at the Lincoln Center in NYC, Auctioned by Sotheby’s, and televised in many countries around the world.
After attending the Art Institute of Chicago in 1991 Pierre sculpted metal sculptures tirelessly for over 20 years. For health reasons the artist is now focusing on his painting ability and making a line of custom hats. He still sculpts in metal and takes commissions but is balancing his creativity with a broader palate of art mediums that all speak the same language, the language of flowing creativity and spiritual awakening.
The visionary art of Pierre Riche is inspired by a deep sense that there is something way more mysterious, profound and sacred taking place. One way we can get in touch with knowing this is through art that speaks this language. Pierre Riche’s art facilitates the awakening of ourselves to the greater cosmos and our sacredness within.