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Steel and concrete

Thursday, February 27th, 2014

I receintly finished 10 small hand sculptures holding pieces of the historic Berlin wall. A friend commissioned me to make these so he could send them out to his friends.

Melting Flag

Wednesday, December 26th, 2007

Melting Flag

“Melting Flag” is my first piece of political art. I will first say that as messed up as America is that i love this country and what it is intended to represent from our founding forefathers who designed our constitution. God bless America.

This melting American flag sculpture stands 7′ tall.  It is a hollow-form sculpting tecknique constructed from aluminum sheet metal. It has a vinal G-klee print of old glory flying in the breeze adhered to its top surface on both sides. The paint job is of an automotive quality professionally done. The black base is bolted to the sculpture.

This is the second object i have illusioned to melt. The first was an  aluminum sculpture of a melting stratacaster guitar.

Why melt the American flag? Why not and  hello! If you dont think america is melting, get a reality check. When was the last time you tried on your constitutional rights. Do they still fit? The people at homeland security think you should hand them over to the salvation army.

Is america melting a good thing or a bad thing? maybe its neither. Maybe its just a reality. Maybe the biggest insight out of this work of contemporary art is to wake us up out of a long cultural slumber and to ask when will the lies stop and the truth be told . Or you can go back to sleep and let the government steer us off the cliff of never-never land. No joke.

I like not to impose to much of my own ideas about how i want my art to be read. I want the art to ressonate deeply within each and every viewer in the privacy of thier own being.

I know my intentions for creating a work of art like this and I want the viewer to recieve thier own feelings and discover the truth for themselves. True art is so much more powerfull than the whole avelanch of words and intelectual ideas that controll  the world today.

Melting Flag is Modern Political Pop Art , a wake up call and an object of beauty.