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brazed copper sign frame

Monday, February 17th, 2014

This brazed copper sign frame for the Shop Therapy jewelry store on Cape Cod Ma. was commissioned from Pierre Riche Art in 1999.
A template of the sign was constructed on site. After the copper sheets were purchased they were laid out on a metal table and the design was then drawn directly on the copper with soapstone. A massive amount of 1/2″ and 1″ copper strips were cut and put aside.
I then plasma cut out all of the patterns that i previously drew on the copper sheets. Each cut edge had to be gone over lightly with an angle grinder to remove the slag from the cut.
The strips were then brazed onto the deign to give the material the illusion of being solid. Silver brazing rods were torched and flowed into the metal gaps to create a strong, cohesive and uniform weld and look.
I did a ton of the brazing myself and then handed of what i had learned to An intern that assisted in the project. I taught him how to master the technique of brazed copper strapping which he was quite good at by the end of the project.
An aluminum backing and hanging apparatus was securely fixed onto the back of the piece to keep it together in strong seaside winds.
The copper front was polished and clear-coated with a liquor and a brass nameplate plack was affixed with copper rivets.
The sign has since then been moved to the new location down the street and has fared very well over the years.

lamp faces and masks

Friday, January 18th, 2008

These are some faces or masks in metal that are lamps.

some are copper welded with tig and or brazed copper. Brass or silver solder.

others are steel and copper.

Most are hinged to access the light.

They are very dreamlike when they are lighting a dark space and casting shadows on the ceiling and walls.