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The Healing Eye Goes to Burning Man

Friday, December 21st, 2007

I brought my masterpiece the Healing Eye to Burning Man. This sculpture has nine parts to it. it all gets assembled by bolts. The sculpture is made of steel, stainless steel, and copper. It is fitted with pipes to carry the flow of propane gas that burns out of the top of the piece. The height of the piece is 18′ tall.

Healing Eye

The sculpture is a pyramid with a caduceus traveling up the front panel. there are seven chakra discs centered on a staff deviding the two serpents as they travel upwards to an all seeing eye at the apex of the pyramid. A large stainless steel crescent chaped ring extends out from the sides of the eye. Two copper clad wings stem off of the base of the ring.

Fire is emitted from two rings on the inside of the crescent and over the top of it. Fire also travels up the inside of the wings. water rains down from the inside of the crescent . sound transducers resonate sound that vibrate all the metal parts. Video images get projected from the iris of the all seeing eye.

At first sight one might think this piece of art is a freemason symbol used by the illuminati. They do use a portion of this symbol as seen on the American one dollar bill. I added the caduceus which is the emblem used by the medical association. I added the coralating seven chakras the crown chakra being the iris of the all seeing eye. The caduceus is usually seen with wings which i have added as well. The crescent shape is also an add on this i see as the female counterpart to the pyramid male aspect.

As strange as it may seem, i did not intend to create an 18′ tall flaming satanic freemasonry illuminati shrine. I dont think the piece is viewed this way by most but in hindsight looking at it , it has many of the components. I am not a satanist nor do i support knowingly anything the illuminati does.

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